Italian fashion style tips: how to dress like an italian woman 

Do you want to look elegant every morning at work? Do you want to flaunt outstanding glamour outfits for your nights out? In just one word: do you want to look italian? Even if we just pop out for a pint of milk we feel the need to dress up in a proper way. We really care about what other people think looking at us, that's why we engage in dressing smartly for any situation. Does it mean that Italians are vain, superficial people? Not at all, it means much much more! In Italy Beauty and Esthetic are rooted values, inherited from centuries of art, history and cultural exchanges. Being stylish and glamour to us is a way of showing proudly our culture. Our great talent is not just always looking elegant, but making it seems completly effortless. Find out our italian fashion style tips.

Your italian style starts from the lingerie

Italian women know that the first thing to care about for looking and feeling incredibly sexy is the lingerie. Remember: underwear is important not just for your mood, but for the outside as well. 

Emphasize your curves for a sexy, italian outfit

Mediterranean women are famous for their curvaceous bodies and wear clothes proper to focus attention on those sinuous lines. By the way, every woman has her own strenghts to be proud of! If you want to be outstanding in the italian way, show off your beautiful legs, emphasize your sexy shoulders and your feminine neckline. 

Pick the right shoes for italian look

If diamonds are a girl's best friend, high heels are are italian girl's best friend. For working days, social gathering, romantic dates, formal occasion or wedding they always prefear wearing stilettos, even on cobblestoned roads they will never give up! Unlike our French cousins, we consider flat shoes unsexy and unaesthetic. Of couse ballerinas are much more confortable, but here in Italy we say "chi bella vuole apparire un po' deve soffrire" which means that if you want to look stunning you're supposed to suffer, just a little bit. Anyway italian fashion rules are reasonable and do not require to wear heels at the beach or at the pool, where you can put on a fresh caftan matched with strappy flat.

Bags can make the difference for italian women

Any look can't be considered completed if the purse is missing. But how do italian women pick their bag? According to italian fashion rules, every occasion, every time of the day has its own shape and fabric. Tote bags are perfect for the daily routine, but the happy hour and night events require little purse, made with precious fabrics. Here on Unicoitaliano you can find an accurate selection of italian handmade purse, from crossbody bags to the shopping ones.

Sunglasses for italian sunny days 

When you leave home, never forget to wear a pair of sunglasses. They're the final touch on any Italian girl's outfit for a chic and misterous look. Italian women usually prefer vintage models, with hugh lenses.

Talking about fashion Italy is definetly the world's leading country and italian women always comply with the glamour rules. Now, thanks to my authentic italian tips, you can be a perfect italian girl, elegant and refined even with casual outfit.