Unico italiano: the made in Italy e-commerce platform to buy the best, guaranteed, handmade products

We are an italian couple of entrepreneurs, Sarah and Bruno, operative in the field of trade for over twenty years. We’ll never quit beliving in the extraordinary cultural resources of our country and the passion for Made in Italy led us to discover a lot of local traditional artisans and their incredible handicrafts. Before creating Unico italiano, we had the chance to deal with italian food and fashion: authentic experieces of italian uniqueness that inspired this new project.

The concept behind Unicoitaliano concerns the creation of an e-commerce platform which might convey the excellence of italian style abroad. Unicoitaliano is focused on original handicrafts, 100% italian-made, and oriented to international markets. Indeed the italian style is internationally considered “unique” and Made in Italy is well-know workdwide as a real brand.

Made in Italy on Unico Italiano: original handicrafts created by selected artisans

The products on Unicoitaliano are little masterpieces that preserve the authenticity of our concept of “bello” and the heritage of italian arts and crafts. Furthermore, every object is literally a unique piece, since it was created by the passion, the expertice and the patience of an old-school artisan. Our inventory is the result of an endless treasure hunt among italian excellences across the country.

According to us, scouting artisans means going deeply into their stories, techniques and places, in order to costantly provide our buyers with items 100% Made in Italy. But that's not all. In fact, our purpose is not simply to sell beautiful handcrafted jewelry or handmade bags: we want our buyers to experience the Italian lifestyle in everyday life. On the other hand, this e-commerce platform wants to be a showcase for little workshops. Artisans could exhibit their own creations on an international channel without having to give away their antique productive process.

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